Perks of Buying Photos Online

When completing your projects, you are often caught between buying photos online and downloading free images. Although the latter is lighter on your pockets, we always recommend cheap stock photos. Many stock media sites offer high quality images at very affordable prices. You can buy a la carte or subscribe to plan, whichever suits your creative needs and budget most.

Here are some of the perks of buying photos online:

  • Legal protection
    Unless a photo is part of Creative Commons, it is not legal for you to use it – even if you credit the artist or photographer. Copyright law prevents you from using the use of these images in for personal, commercial and editorial purposes. You may face serious financial and reputational damages when you choose to ignore this.
  • Usage rights
    Creative commons are free, but they don’t allow you to edit or retouch the photo. If you want to compete with other business sectors, you need a marketing strategy that will personalize your brand. Stock photos won’t give you the individuality you need, unless you can edit or retouch them to suit your value.
  • Model and Property Releases
    Buying photos online come with model and property releases, so you won’t be chased by the copyright police along the road. You cannot simply post images of persons and properties without permission. You have to secure a release, which is not available in free images.
  • Diversity
    Have you noticed that there are only a handful of high quality free images in the Internet? This restricts your choices of find the perfect photo for your project. On the other hand, stock companies have millions of photos in their libraries. You have a higher chance of finding what you are looking for.

Buying photos online does not only give you perpetual usage rights, but also high quality assets. For only a small amount, you can protect yourself and ensure the quality of your projects.