What is Adobe Stock and Why Should You Use It?

Stock photos have the power to create emotional response in the audience. That’s why their worth is weight in gold when it comes to web design and marketing. They communicate instantly to users and give depth or context to descriptions, testimonials and stories. A great web design can rise or fall depending on the quality of photos it contains. That’s why it’s important to purchase and download them from one of the best.

There are hundreds of stock photo sources in the market. Some offer them for cheap, while others are quite expensive. If you are looking for something in between, you should check Adobe Stock.

What is Adobe Stock?
Adobe Stock (AS) is a stand-alone, premium stock photo site by Adobe. Launched in 2015, they now feature one of the largest stock photo libraries with almost 100 million content. Part of this huge collection are images from Fotolia, a reputable stock photo agency itself. AS added more content from their own artists and contributors, granting variety in every style and topic. All images are of high quality and available with simple pricing.

Here are some of the best features of the stock site:

  • Large library. As mentioned, Adobe Stock has over 100 million images in their collection. Whatever theme or style you are working on, you will surely find the perfect image to enhance your creative projects here.
  • Creative Cloud integration. The only stock photo site directly integrated with your favorite Adobe app, AS allows you to find the perfect images, preview them inside your designs, license, access and manage them directly within Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other CC apps.
  • Simple pricing. Starting at $29.99 per month for 3 images, Adobe Stock offers many pricing and plan options to suit your creative needs and budget. Annual subscriptions and credits are also available in the stock site.
  • Convenient licensing. Standard royalty free and extended licenses are available at AS. You can purchase. The standard license is royalty-free with no file restrictions in terms of expiration dates and deadlines. It has also no geographical limitations. On the other hand, the extended license gives you all these benefits – plus unlimited use on products or services intended for distribution or resale.
  • One month free trial. Not sure if the stock agency is the best option for you? No problem! Adobe Stock currently offers a free one month trial with their annual subscriptions. You get 10 or 40 standard assets for free, depending on the plan you purchase. You can cancel your free trial anytime, too – as long as you do it within the first month.
  • Premium images. For images that make a singular impression, AS offers their premium collection. The photos are handpicked from the stock site’s most inspiring artists and can be purchased through credits.

These features are the reasons why you should use Adobe Stock as your primary image source. If you are a Creative Cloud user, you could reap more benefits as you can easily access and manage the images right inside your favorite Adobe app. The stock agency simplifies your workflow, saving you time and effort. You can also show your work to clients for approval before actually licensing the images. Join Adobe Stock today and avail of the free one month trial!

Adobe Stock Review: Basic Information about the Stock Site

Adobe Stock is a new to the stock media industry, but it has shown a lot of potential. It is changing the world by providing great digital experiences and bring digital creations to life. It empowers everyone – from emerging artists to global brands, delivering premium quality images and footages for the best project results. Aside from igniting creativity in the community, AS also accelerates innovation and drives greater diversity and inclusion. It allows you to explore and make things work better.

Here is a brief summary of Adobe Stock and its offerings:

  • Adobe Stock has one of the largest stock media libraries today with over 50 million assets.
  • It can be accessed in most countries and is available in 20 languages.
  • It offers simple pricing starting $9.99 per image and $79.99 per video.
  • Several subscription plans are also available with 10, 350 and 750 images per month.
  • Creative Cloud users can search for Adobe Stock images right inside their desktop app.
  • Integration with Adobe software also allows design comping and easy licensing.

Adobe Stock was launched only a little over a year ago, but it has shown some unique features that make it valuable to many creative professionals. Existing Creative Cloud software users are definitely the winners with the stock site’s introduction. They can preview watermarked images inside their designs before they license them, saving them more time and money.

With Adobe Stock, you can purchase the options that meet your needs. You can buy a single image or subscribe to a plan. Just recently, they’ve added videos to their offerings. High quality HD and 4K videos with dazzling resolution are waiting to be discovered. The stock also allows you to work faster by finding the perfect image right inside your favorite Adobe Creative Cloud application.

What are you waiting for? Create and re-create masterpieces with Adobe Stock. Find the right asset to create your own work of art.

3 Cheap Stock Footage Sites for a Media Hungry World

The Internet is probably the most important innovation for the past decades. It provides useful information on everything and connects people all over the world with one another for communication and procurement purposes. However, many would argue that it has also shortened our attention span. A great example is Facebook. Posts with images and videos have much greater engagement that other posts. Engaging content is vital to keep visitors around. Here are cheap stock footage sites for the media hungry people.

shutterstock logo

  • Shutterstock. Shutterstock has over 3 million cheap stock footage in its library. It one of the leading video sites because it offers an extensive selection of good-value clips. Its prices differ according to use and needs. It also offers discounts when you purchase several clips or use a coupon, making it an ideal source of high quality footage for all creative professionals of every budget.


  • Getty Images. Getty Images also offer stock video for a slightly higher price than its cheap stock counterparts. It has an extensive collection of footages and an easy-to-navigate website. It also has straightforward browsing and licensing so you will not worry about additional or hidden fees down the road. Videos are available in various resolutions, so you can choose whichever best suits your creative needs and budget.


  • iStock. iStock offers millions of high quality stock footage at ridiculously great prices. The stock site has flexible plans to suit every budget. It allows creative professionals to enjoy savings, too. iStock also offers free stock every week, including one free video clip. Cheap stock footage can be purchased through credits, which is like the stock site’s currency.


Engaging cheap stock footage is important in making sure that a message is conveyed to the intended audience. People decide on which content to click and stick around with based on how engaging it is. If you can tap into that with your videos, you will get the attention you want.

On Free Footage

While there is a flood of free footage in the internet, you should not be tempted to take the easy route. You may be in for a bigger disaster when the copyright police starts chasing your back. That’s why we always recommend cheap stock footage to supplement your media hunger. These video clips have the necessary licenses and releases that will protect you again copyright issues. For only a small amount of price, you can free use the footage in any project for as long as you like, unless otherwise stated in the license agreement.

If you do not know where to get cheap stock footage, the three websites above are good places to start. If you are on a tight budget, you should check out Shutterstock and iStock. If you are looking for premium content, Getty Images is the one for you.  

Access over 36 Million Images with a BigStockPhoto Promo Code

bigstocklogo (1)Are you looking for the perfect image to jump-start your creative projects? The World Wide Web is filled with stock photo agencies that offer both expensive and cheap stock photos. You can find low quality, medium quality, high quality, and even premium content, depending on the site you will sign up for. If you are searching for cheap stock photos, BigStock is one stock site you should consider. It has over 36 million images and we have a BigStockPhoto promo code for you.

The stock photo website already offers cheap stock photos, but you can save more with a Bigstock promo code. Here are three ways you can enjoy great discounts:

  • BigStock 7-Day Free Trial. The stock photo agency allows you to try the website and determine if it suits your creative needs through a 7-day FREE TRIAL. This, itself, is already a great deal if you have no idea you can find the images you are looking for in the stock site’s collection. If you do find the perfect images for your project, you can purchase the 25 image credit pack and you can get 10 credits more.
  • 15% off any Credit Package. Whether you are a new or existing customer, you can get discounts on any credit package with a BigStockPhoto promo code. This is the best coupon if you are looking to buy images on demand. This special deal gives you 15% discount on any credit pack so you can save in on your image downloads and enjoy high quality stock images without breaking the bank.
  • 15% off BigStock Subscription. Are you looking for an image subscription? BigStock has a broad collection of images, waiting to be explored. All you need is a subscription and you can enjoy downloads with daily and monthly limits. With the BigStockPhoto promo coupon, you can save up to 15% on your next purchase. The deal is also valid to both new and existing customers. So, hurry and get your promo codes now!

The BigStock 7-Day Free Trial + 35 Images, 15% Discount on Credit Packages, and 15% Discount on Subscriptions are all valid through December 31, 2016. You need to hurry, grab your coupon code, and download stock images now.


How does the coupon code work?

You can enjoy great discounts from BigStockPhoto promo codes by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for the stock photo website through the exclusive link.
  2. Click the “See Packs and Pricing” button.
  3. Choose from any credit packages and subscriptions.
  4. Register and purchase whichever suits your creative needs and budget.
  5. You will see your discounts at the end of your transaction.

It’s easy, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Get your BigStockPhoto promo code now and enjoy great discounts on your chosen credit package and subscription plan.

Useful Tips on Getting iStock Coupon Codes for Further Discounts

searching in istock

When it comes to royalty-free images, iStock does not fall behind its larger competitors. It also has millions of high quality content in its library – ready to be explored. Every day, more images are uploaded by contributors all around the world as well. It has a user-friendly website and innovative tools that make the image search faster and easier. Most of all, it has a lasting relationship with its partners that provides many creative professionals new and exclusive iStock coupons.

When it comes to iStock promo codes, you need to know everything there is to know to get the best value for your money. Here are some useful tips on getting them for further discounts:

  • Look for a reliable website. Due to the alarming rise of scam sites in the market, it has become necessary to find a reliable iStock photo coupon source. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay for the coupons or give out your email.
  • Purchase more to save more. When it comes to credits, we recommend buying 60 or more so you can get the best value for your money. Credits already work that way and you will save more with a coupon code.
  • Not a member? Subscribe now! If you are not yet a member of the stock photo website, you can enjoy 10% of credit packs and 15% off on all subscriptions. You only need to subscribe to iStock to avail this new and exclusive promo.
  • Choose the right credit pack or subscription. Before you can purchase credit packs or subscribe to an image plan, you need to choose the right plan for your project. You have to consider your creative needs and budget.
  • Check if the website accepts your mode of payment. iStock receives payment via VISA card, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. If your credit card provider is not listed, check with the agency to find out how you can subscribe to a plan or purchase credit packs.
  • Provide the right information. You will be required to fill out billing and shipping information. Make sure that you are giving the right address and account number to avoid being disallowed by the agency to proceed further.
  • The promo will be applied to your next subscription. If you are currently subscribed to a plan, don’t expect to receive discounts on your current plan. The discount will always be applied to your next subscription. It cannot be applied to a credit pack or image plan that has been purchased already. Lastly, iStock promo codes cannot be combined with other promo codes.

Are you looking for valid and active coupon codes? You do not have to search further. You can use these exclusive iStock coupons for 10% off on footage products and 15% off on image subscriptions.

Finding Amazing Images in Stock Photo Agencies

stock-photo-agenciesSurprisingly, many people still think that finding good quality images is difficult. The truth is it isn’t, as long as they know where to look. The Internet provides a vast world of photos, all of which available in various price ranges. Some are free. Some are cheap. There are others offered at a higher cost. Nevertheless, they are still found in the World Wide Web. In this article, we will look at the top sites to purchase and download stock photography.

  • Do your research. Before you spend time looking for the perfect photos for your website, determine your creative needs. Will a free photo work for your project or do you need to invest in buying from major stock photo agencies like Shutterstock? It is okay to use free photos as long as they include the license you need. Licensed free photos are generally found in stock sites.
  • Visit a stock photo agency. Shutterstock is one of the leading stock photo websites in the market. It offers high quality images, illustrations and videos for every budget. Designers today use the website to get photos that will definitely look good in any project. Other websites you can visit include iStockphoto, Depositphotos, Dollar Photo Club, and many more. Go to stockphotosecrets.com to find other stock sites you can visit.
  • Sign up in one or more stock photo agencies. Signing up to one stock photo site does not prohibit you to set up an account with another. You can use this opportunity to compare collections and prices in order to find the perfect stock sites that suit your creative needs and budget.
  • Check out free photos. Some stock photo agencies offer free photos when you sign up to their website. For instance, Shutterstock, iStockphoto and Depositphotos offer free photos of the week that you can download for absolutely no charge. These free images usually comes with a Standard license that allows you to use them in any project for as long as you like.
  • Think like a photo editor. A good photo editor considers the space he will put the image up. This will allow you to determine the size of image you will purchase and download. Keep in mind that an image that does not fit well or is not cropped properly makes your website look unprofessional.

When finding amazing stock photos, considers agencies that offer subscriptions. If you need a lot of images in a regular basis, this option will save you a lot of money. The best stock photo sites offer millions of images in their collection. Feel free to purchase and download images from your favored sites because you do not have to worry about breaking any copyright laws.